Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events || Setting the Stage for Success

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events™ series I created to serve as a resource for non-profit leaders who are interested in hosting their first special event fundraiser, or reinvigorating a dormant event, but may feel overwhelmed by the process.

One of the first things you must do is obtain buy-in from members of your leadership team, the board of directors and a small circle of influential donors – who will each play an important role in the fundraising campaign.  However, without a blueprint to follow, where will you begin?

Today I will share 5 essential questions to help inform your discussions with these key stakeholders.

1.  Why are you hosting this event?

There are many reasons why you have decided to host your signature event, chief among them is to generate income from table and ticket sales. That said, you should be able to clearly articulate how you will use the proceeds.  Will you add new programs and services, or enhance ones that already exist?  Will you participate in executive level training to further develop your leadership skills?  How will you invest in your team?

2.  Can you afford to do this?

Planning and executing large events can be expensive, and many unexpected costs will come up along the way.   You must honestly assess how much you can invest, set a budget and determine the impact of these expenses on your day-to-day operations.  Equally important, you must decide if you have enough cash on-hand to sustain the organization until the fundraising campaign generates income.

3.  Do you have sufficient resources?

Please keep in mind, this event will unfold as you continue to manage your daily responsibilities. You must continue to serve your beneficiaries, collaborate with stakeholders and manage your team. Therefore, you should carefully determine how you will manage the interruptions that generally accompany events of this magnitude.  Do you expect staff to shoulder the additional responsibilities or will you hire a professional team to provide assistance?

4.  How will you engage your supporters?

Some organizations are challenged around ways to keep donors informed and engaged after the event.  As you work to build your financial future, the quality of your interactions will be key.  Among the high-level touches sophisticated donors will expect are invitations to curated cultivation and scholarly events, in-person updates on your beneficiaries progress and where you see them in your organization’s future.

5.  How will you tell your hero stories?

If you showcase your beneficiaries during the event, you must do this in a way that honors them and presents their accomplishments in the best light.  Remember everyone will watch how you treat those you have pledged to serve.

Hosting your first signature fundraiser is not easy. However, once your event is fine-tuned, and enjoys a loyal base of committed supporters, it will prove to be profitable for your bottom line.  With proper planning and patience, you will be positioned to achieve six-or-seven figure event success.

If I can support your efforts, please contact me at Monique@Eventstrategies4success.com.

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Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events || The Courage to Begin


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Frequently I have the pleasure of speaking with non-profit leaders who are looking to host their first six-or-seven figure fundraiser, or reinvigorate a dormant event, as they recognize the potential impact on their bottom line.

Many of these leaders frequently attend fundraising events as guests of organizations within their niche, board members of charities whose work they support and/or financial contributors of causes that resonate with their core beliefs – and they recognize the benefit of adding similar events to their development portfolio.

However, as they must focus on more the more pressing needs of identifying donors and stakeholders, defining their organization’s funding model and creating seamless ways for supporters to contribute to their work, they have little time to devote to the steps involved and may feel unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

So what options do they have?

To assist with this process, I am writing a 9-part series of articles titled Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events™ as a resource.

In this series I will share information leaders, and their teams, can use to:

  1. Set the Stage for Success
  2. Create Momentum for their Event
  3. Make the Case for Support
  4. Collaborate with Corporate Honorees
  5. Create Successful Fundraisers for Different Audiences
  6. Create a Grand Affair with Lasting Appeal (GALA)
  7. Create an Invitation for Maximum Benefit
  8. Work Effectively with Vendors
  9. Assemble All the Pieces

From my experience, these strategies will help non-profit leaders set the stage for 7-figure event success.  So look for these articles every 2 weeks.

Here’s to your success!

With kind regards,