Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events || Creating Momentum for Your Event

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Welcome to the Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events™ series created to serve as a resource for non-profit leaders who are looking to host their first six-or-seven figure fundraiser, or reinvigorate a dormant event, but are overwhelmed by the steps involved. In my previous post, I shared strategies you can use to help set the stage for a successful event by obtaining buy-in from key stakeholders.

With the members of your inner-circle in place, you can focus on defining your target audience and creating ways to capture their attention before you launch the fundraising campaign. Strategies born our of this plan can also be used to reconnect with beneficiaries and donors – and remind them of your impact on the local, national and global community.

Today I am pleased to share 5 strategies you can use to create excitement with your audience and set the stage for your upcoming event.

1. Share your accomplishments.

Don’t keep your organization’s success stories a secret, as I’m sure your audience would love to hear what you’ve been up to. Additionally, I encourage you to amplify your message and provide a glimpse of your organization’s “Paid In Full” investment strategy. These updates can be shared on your social media platforms, and via printed newsletters that can be created monthly – or quarterly – depending upon your time and resources.

2. Always educate and inspire.

Expand your message by sharing relevant articles or scholarly works, authored by stakeholders and potential honorees, that demonstrate your ability to partner on broader societal issues. Make the connection between your vision for the upcoming event and how the funds raised will allow for future collaboration.

3. Build an army to expand your reach.

Identify ambassadors and key volunteers and provide them with meaningful roles that align with their strengths and talents. If they are happy with their position, they will promote your event to everyone they meet.

4. Reward your donors by giving them “insider” status.

Many people like to feel as if they have a behind-the-scenes look when something new is about to happen. If you decide to present coveted awards, I’m sure your audience will appreciate knowing about this. Moreover, if this is the first time you have set a six-or-seven figure special event goal, perhaps you can create updates as you pass certain benchmarks. Have you enlisted a star emcee? I’m sure your guests will love to share this excitement.

5. Remember to embrace your staff.

Always find ways to include your staff in social media efforts by encouraging them to post and share event updates within their networks. If you create a sense of inclusiveness from the outset, staff will proudly take ownership and look for ways to be helpful.

Creating momentum does not happen overnight; you will need to embrace many approaches until you find what works. With proper planning and patience, well-planned events can set the tone for six-or-seven-figure fundraising success.

If I can support your efforts, please contact me at Monique@Eventstrategies4succes.com.

Here’s to your success!

1 From the article Paid In Full by Dorian O. Burton and Brian CB Barnes, SSIR, December 5, 2017

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