Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events || Ways to Involve Donors When Making the Case for Support

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events™ series created to serve as a resource for non-profit leaders looking to host their first special event fundraiser, or reinvigorate a dormant event, but are overwhelmed by the steps involved.  In my previous article, I shared strategies you can use to Create Momentum for Your Event, which can be accessed by following this link.

If you have been looking for unique opportunities to involve your most generous supporters, why not start with your event? Today I will share ways you can Ways to Involve Donors When Making the Case for Support.

1. Ask donors to collaborate. 

For donors with C-suite connections, invite them to help create strategies for soliciting contributions from others within this circle. Their insight can ensure your appeal is best positioned for a positive outcome.

2. Ask donors to lead.

For donors who enjoy the allure of events, and have the time and resources to ensure successful outcomes, invite them to take a leadership role on the fundraising committee. Excited and engaged donors are vital to your success.

3. Ask donors to host.

For donors who have access to networks critical to your organization’s long-term success, but cannot commit to a lengthy fundraising campaign, invite them to sponsor a pre-event activity or host private a reception to provide honorees with a more personal look at your organization.

4. Ask donors to mentor.

For donors who have served as ambassadors, but shy away from formal committees, invite them to mentor key team members and accompany them on in-person visits with prospects and community stakeholders.

When making the case for support, involving donors is key. With proper planning and patience, well-planned events can set the tone for six-or-seven-figure fundraising success.

If I can support your efforts, please contact me at Monique@Eventstrategies4success.com.

Here’s to your success!



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