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Event Strategies For Success provides premium fundraising and event planning services to established, community-based nonprofit organizations whose impact can be felt in their local communities, nationally and in the global marketplace. We take pride in partnering with organizations committed to providing access (or increased access) to quality health care, affordable housing, education, business development initiatives and economic opportunities for marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Event Strategies For Success is managed and led by Monique Brizz-Walker who is also the founder.  Monique has nearly 30 years experience working with some of New York City’s premier organizations and has helped raise an aggregate of $25+ million dollars.  She has produced successful events designed to engage prospects and donors, create strategic alliances with corporations and shareholders and position each organization in the philanthropic marketplace. 

Monique is also the creator of the Signature Strategies For Success Masterclass and author of a forthcoming book Signature Strategies For Success: Lessons Nonprofit Leaders, Boards and Aspiring Consultants Can Use to Implement Effective Events

To view an overview of Monique’s most recent Masterclass, please click below:

Event Strategies For Success is also supported by our consulting partner Lynette D. Battle who brings a wealth of fundraising, event planning, economic development and community building experience. Lynette is a highly sought strategist and planner for small and emerging businesses in underrepresented and marginalized communities and a force in the nonprofit world. We are fortunate to have her as our consulting partner.

Ways We Can Help You Fund Your Mission

We provide (4) levels of direct support:

Signature Leadership Roundtable
Together We Will Take Fast Action

In collaboration with you and your team, we will dedicate 1 business day where we will focus on 2 main goals:
1. Review your current financial status to determine where we can make quick adjustments to the fundraising campaign.  
2. Review contributions by your leadership team and brainstorm ways they can help bridge existing gaps in committee participation.

Signature Leadership Consulting
Together We Create & You (and Your Team) Implement

1. In collaboration with you and your team, we will create a fundraising blueprint for your signature event which you will implement in 10 weeks.
2. We would be delighted to create your signature fundraising plan for your event.

Signature Event Fundraising and Management
Together We Create & Together We Implement

1. In addition to collaborating with you and your team on your fundraising blueprint, we will also on your event’s logistics to ensure a seamless presentation.
2. We are ready to partner with you on your fundraising plan, and the logistics, for your upcoming event.
3. Minimum commitment of 4 months is required.

Signature Event Management
You Plan & Together We Implement

1. Now that you, and your team, have executed the fundraising campaign, we are ready to partner with you on your event’s logistics.
2. We are ready to produce your signature event.

Our Special Gift – A Resource for Your Special Event Library

When I created Event Strategies For Success, I envisioned a boutique consultancy that would provide premium fundraising and event planning services to dedicated professionals like you, in addition to a platform that would provide implementable tips and strategies.

We believe well-planned, professionally implemented events play an important role in extending a nonprofit organization’s impact beyond fundraising.

For a limited time, we hope you will accept our highly-sought e-book, Beyond Fundraising: 4 Ways Special Events Can Advance The Work of Your Nonprofit, with our compliments.

To Download the e-book: (1) click the button below and (2) once you are on the site add “$0” in the payment box. Within minutes you will receive an e-mail with a link to download.

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