Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events || Envisioning Your Gala

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to the Positioning Your Organization to Host 7-Figure Events™ series created to serve as a resource for non-profit leaders looking to host their first special event fundraiser, or reinvigorate a dormant event, but are overwhelmed by the steps involved.  In my previous article I provided insights to consider when Collaborating with Honorees on your signature fundraising event, which can be accessed by following this link.

Today I am pleased to share tips to keep in mind when planning your organization’s first (or reinvigorated) Grand Affair With Lasting Appeal (GALA). Unlike any other event you will host or imagine a GALA conveys a grand vision that has come to life; uniquely designed to create a memorable experience for prospects, donors and stakeholders.

For many attendees your event will be their first introduction to your organization; therefore you are charged with providing an experience that is exciting and informative, elegant and engaging. Whether the dress code is festive wear or business attire, black tie or white tie, your objective is to create an environment that will impress donors enough to convert them from passive observers into active participants.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning for your (GALA):

  1. Your GALA’s objectives should be well-defined and have measurable outcomes.  Most important of all, please take the time to gain clarity around why you have asked guests to gather and the message you want to convey.  This is also an opportunity to allow donors and stakeholders to interact with your program’s beneficiaries and see their philanthropy at work.
  2. Your GALA must have the appropriate team to achieve success. Every participant – honorees, gala committee members, emcees, entertainers, designers, staff and volunteers – must be committed to the vision or it simply will not work.
  3. Your GALA’s ticket and table prices must be structured to create a successful outcome. Funds raised will help strengthen working capital and create a new portal of donors who share your organization’s values. Your GALA will help set the stage for future events and your objective is to leave donors clamoring for ways to be involved.
  4. Your GALA’s look and feel should give the impression something special is going to take place.  The venue you choose is critical to achieving this objective.  While your event must feel special and worthy of your guests’ investment; please be mindful as you to not want to produce an event that will come across as wasteful to your target audience.  

High-level events are a great way to raise funds and build relationships but there are many steps involved.  However, with the right strategies you will be able to plan with precision and execute with excellence.

If I can support your efforts, please contact me at Monique@Eventstrategies4success.com.

Here’s to your success!


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