I created Event Strategies For Success to help organization leaders write (or in some instances re-write) their philanthropy story. My objective is to continue to produce high-level events with successful financial outcomes; just as I have done throughout my career.
To be transparent, I have always craved the elegance and splendor I am known for when planning events.  However as I engage with leaders of various organizations, with budgets ranging from modest to grand, I view my role in planning special events differently.  I now see each leader’s needs, particularly in the areas of  financial sustainability and donor engagement, through a different lens.
My Role in Shaping Philanthropy
For organizations looking to add special events to their fundraising model, and form strategic partnerships with funders to create social impact, the need to tell their philanthropy story is paramount.  My role in their story ranges from planner to facilitator.  My efforts are focused on creating occasions for leaders to engage with donors and prospects around shared values.
The events I construct serve as a bridge between organizations whose work I support, and prospective donors who are being asked to invest in a service they many not ever personally use.
I now understand the important role investors have in helping an organization tell its philanthropy story via special events.  In a majority of instances, events serve as a the organization’s first opportunity to engage with donors and prospects.
Today, my efforts are focused around ensuring these important “conversations” take place. I use Event Strategies For Success to facilitate my clients objectives. When engaging audiences as a presenter or discussion leader, I use my first-hand observation of The Power of Philanthropy to educate and empower others.
I’m excited to take this journey and look forward to creating successful events to fuel, and strengthen, each organization’s philanthropy story.
Monique Brizz-Walker
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