Signature Event Management


Event Strategies For Success is pleased to work with organizations that have successfully managed the fundraising campaign but need a firm to help ensure a professionally executed event.  Since this service does not include fundraising management from Event Strategies For Success, completion of the Strategic Consulting Service is not required.  However we require 2 months (minimum) to ensure a well-planned event.

We will oversee critical elements to ensure an elegant presentation.

During this phase we will:

1. Review your event budget to ensure they align with your event production goals.
2. Present up to (3) signature themes for you and your team to review and sign-off on.
3. Liaise with your event emcee(s), award presenters, entertainers, on-site fundraisers and volunteers to assure a smooth event production.
4. Create the event script for your and your team’s review. This process allows for (3) drafts and (1) final product.
5. Serve as a liaison with your graphic designer to ensure the timely delivery of all event items for your event.
6. Serve as the principal point of contact for your venue team.
7. Hire an event director* to orchestrate the logistics of the live event.
8. Facilitate 3 pre-event rehearsals** to ensure a smooth production.
9. Assist with the acknowledgment process for your honorees, presenters, VIPs, guests and stakeholders.
10. Create pre and post event press releases and/or media updates.

Please note:

*Fees for vendors, service providers and the event director are not included in the fee for professional event fundraising and management services.
**Rehearsals may be on and/or off site and may include key vendors and team members.  All costs associated with pre-Gala rehearsals are the responsibility of the organization. 


We are pleased to provide signature event management as follows:

When planning a signature event, for a minimum of (4) hours
For 100 and up to 250 guests = $5,000
For more than 250 and up to 1,000 guests = $7,500


When selecting this service, we offer (2) options for your convenience:

Option #1 – Check Payment
A formal contract will be created, a down payment will be made and additional payments will be made via check until the completion of the Gala. 

Option #2 – Credit Card Payment
A formal contract will be created, a down payment will be made and additional payments will be made via credit card until the completion of the Gala.

Signature Event Management

Professional Event Management Service for your Signature Event.



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